What The Features of V-fold hand towel machine

Dechangyu's V-fold hand towel machine has many advantages, including the ability to cut, emboss, and fold paper towels. This machine also counts towels and can count as well. This machine makes producing clean and sanitary hand towels easy. In addition, it features a special shock absorption system that helps lower the noise level to a minimum, and is equipped with an electronic counter and PLC controller. This machine is perfect for a variety of applications.


The V-fold hand towel machine has the capacity to produce two dozen hand towels per minute. This feature is useful for restaurants and hotels that offer fresh towels. The C-fold hand towel machine is a good option if you are concerned about hygiene. V-fold hand towel machines can also be used in other applications, such as laundry and home cleaning. These machines will automatically cut and roll the towels for easy dispensing. You can also purchase one of these machines to save money while washing hand towels.


Another type of V fold hand towel machine is the automatic C-fold paper towel machine. This machine is fully automatic and has a speed of 900 sheets per minute. It also features an auto-stop function if paper gets broken or used. In addition to v fold paper towels, this machine can also produce napkin paper, toilet paper, and paper towel papers. These machines are the most reliable, automated, and efficient among all available machines. V fold hand towel machine can produce 340 white paper towels per clip, which is ideal for reducing waste and improving cost-effectiveness. These machines are designed to help you meet the highest standards in workplace hygiene and can also produce high-quality towels that are made with recycled material.



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