DECHANGYU focus on paper tissue converting machines, total 5 series:
1. Roll type paper tissue machines, such as toilet roll machine, kitchen towel machine, JRT machine(maxi roll machine), and log saw cutter; we provide toilet roll/kitchen towel/JRT automatic production line solutions.
2. V fold and N fold (Z fold) type tissue and towel, such as V fold facial tissue and kitchen towel and hand towel, Z fold hand towel, and the log saw cutter; we provide facial tissue/kitchen towel/hand towel automatic production line solutions.
3. Paper napkin and pocket tissue machines, such as quarter fold(1/4), 1/6,1/8 fold napkin machine, handkerchief folding machine; we provide paper napkin and handkerchief automatic production line solutions.
4. Jumbo reel slitting rewinder, which specially for jumbo reel handling.
5. Others are the auxiliary machines, such as kraft paper slitting rewinder, core winding machine, accumulator.
*Recommended: Dechangyu latest developed models and tissue converting machines!
With our best machining group and machining equipment, we customize and supply the best quality Non-stop type tissue roll production line and the Start & Stop type tissue roll production line in China, processing the toilet rolls, kitchen towel rolls, maxi rolls and industrial rolls.
And with constant innovation of our own converting technology, we promise we will offer you the best and appropriate proposal for your production!


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