kraft paper slitting rewinder, core winding machine, accumulator

Others are the auxiliary machines, such as kraft paper slitting rewinder, core winding machine, accumulator.


With the paper machines developing toward large models, the base paper produced after cutting is averaged between 1.9 and 3 meters. Many large paper mills have paper machines exceeding three meters, and the 1880 paper slitting rewinder can process less than 2.1 meters compared with other types of toilet paper production equipment. This model can yield while reducing paper loss, making it more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals.
Paper slitting rewinder mainly includes roll toilet paper rewinding machine and cage toilet paper rewinding machine, which are also collectively called toilet paper machinery. Toilet paper machinery is mainly used to process toilet paper, generally, there are two types of roll toilet paper and square toilet paper.
According to the degree of automation, paper slitting rewinder are divided into fully automatic paper slitting rewinder and semi-automatic paper slitting rewinder. The automatic toilet paper rewinding machine adopts computer programming technology to realize the automatic conversion of the paper tube (or coreless automatic roll paper), automatic glue spraying, edge sealing and trimming, which reduces the labor intensity and improves the product quality. The semi-automatic rewinding machine has a slightly stronger manual operation. Only the toilet paper that can produce paper tubes has some disadvantages in project conversion. Other characteristics of semi-automatic rewinding machines are basically the same as that of the automatic toilet paper rewinding machine. What's more, fully automatic toilet paper rewinding machine is programmed by computer, semi-automatic is not controlled by PLC computer programming.
Compared with the fully automatic paper slitting rewinder, the semi-automatic paper slitting rewinder works relatively slowly, the output is not as high as the fully automatic one, and requires a lot of manual labor. The coreless cored paper tube toilet paper conversion process is more laborious and cannot be rolled tightly without the core. The roll paper only has a back frame low frame, which limits the speed of the equipment to a certain value, otherwise, the stability of the equipment is reduced; the small air caps on both sides limit the pneumatic paper loading; the water cut function limits the edge of the produced roll paper. In addition, the use of this device does not have automatic glue sealing function, cannot stick glue to the tail, and there is no pneumatic paper loading function.
The paper feeding rack is provided with an automatic paper feeding device and a paper feeding device, and then the paper is introduced into the paper feeding roller. A bar device is arranged in front of the paper feeding roller to flatten the paper surface.
There are hollow paper shaft devices on both sides of the guide roller to make the centerless paper roll. Rolling paper is completed by a guide roller and a pressure roller to repeatedly guide the roll (the tightness of the roll paper is adjusted according to customer requirements and easily adjusted by air pressure control). The roll paper reaches a certain specification roll out. The roll paper is separated by a paper cutter, and the glue is automatically sprayed and sealed while cutting the paper.
The whole procedure is completed, and the paper slitting rewinder will restart automatically after the delay time of starting the machine. After the finished product comes down, the paper is cut into different specifications of roll paper by the saw (customers require cutting). The whole process is controlled by computer-programmed PLC and frequency conversion.


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