Non-Stop Production Line Machines

With strict quality requirements for materials, high-precision processing equipment, production in strict accordance with national environmental protection standards and strict control of the entire production process, DECHANGYU ensures that your equipment quality is excellent and stable. Our non stop production line machines are highly recommended for you such as our 600 fully automatic high-speed toilet roll/kitchen towel/JRT production line, glue-free tail sealer and 450X / 350X fully automatic high-speed toilet roll/kitchen towel production line.
Taking 600 fully automatic high-speed toilet roll/kitchen towel/JRT production line for example, it is a kind of non-stop type machine, which means it can continuously rewind. What's more, each unit of it is driven by independent motor, hereby Servo Motor, which controls machine hand and breaks the web at perforation line steadily and precisely. Meanwhile, with really simple structure, it can decrease the failure rate. Plus, it adopts high-precision NC machined large diameter blade shaft and Siemens SIMOTION system and automatic blades axial slid function, all these can make sure that the guarantee perforation is precise and clear, and the rolls have finest tightness and diameter. And by using the patented technology such as constant-vacuum system, it can rewind coreless roll and make it being faster and with less wrinkles. The last but not the least, it's a multipurpose production line, that is, after connecting to DH-VIII log saw cutter and accumulator, it could process JRT products.
And our non stop production line machines also can solve a lot of problems for you as below. When the cutting machine is unwinding, this situation is mostly due to that fact that the paper core is not applicable. Our non stop production line machines have a paper core that meets the requirements. In addition, the coiling roller can be used in the rewinding process, which can also avoid uneven rewinding of the cutting machine. When the material is cut and rewinded, this is mainly due to the wrong rewinding tension. Our non stop production line machines can adjust the appropriate rewinding tension of the paper slitting machine and use the coiling roller and wrap the cutting material over the coiling roller before entering the rewinding paper core. When the meter counting is not on time, our non stop production line machines can contact the feeding cots with the meter wheel double wheels at the same time, thus avoiding such a problem. Due to the uneven thickness of the material itself, there is a certain thickness error. This results in the difference of the winding speed of the strip material and the uneven tightness of the winding material. The material can be damaged and scrapped due to the excessive pulling force, so that the waste product can be easily stretched and deformed. The mechanical slip shaft has not been able to meet the customer's demand, our non stop production line machines adopt the central air pressure slip shaft, the use of the central air pressure slip shaft can effectively and efficiently solve this kind of problem.


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