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The kitchen towel machine is a traditional product, which is used to deal with paper cutting needs in the post-printing period. Developing from a mechanical paper cutter, a tape-controlled paper cutter, it has become a microcomputer program control, color display, full-image operation guided visual processing, and a computer-assisted cutting external programming and editing production data cutting system to enable production preparation with higher cutting accuracy, lower labor intensity, and safer operation.
The operation of the kitchen towel machine is relatively simple and the requirements on the environment are not high. Usually, in the general office, the power supply can ensure the power to work. Generally, the kitchen towel machine has an automatic switch system, and some need pressing the start button, and the cutter will rotate to continue cutting. After shredding, press the Stop / Reverse key to stopping the cutter from turning. Secondly, you should check whether there are hard objects such as paper clips and staples on the document to be broken before shredding the paper. If there is, it should be removed and put into the paper port, otherwise, the cutter may be damaged. When using a paper cutter, you should pay attention not to jam too many papers at once, especially those of better quality, and pay more attention when using to avoid paper jams. Try not to skew the paper when putting it in. Try to place the paper in the center of the paper inlet.
For the early kitchen towel machine, if a paper jam occurs during use, press the back button or the stop button to enable the broken pieces to continue to be used. Most of the paper cutters are equipped with overload power-off protection devices. When the motor overloads and heats up, it will automatically stop. At this time, the use of 20-30 minutes should be stopped to allow the motor to cool. At the same time, it should be considered to reduce the amount of input paper appropriately when re-using. More advanced paper cutters will automatically stop and automatically eject paper once overloaded, making it more convenient to use. When the box of the paper cutter is full, some machines will also automatically sound to remind people to remove paper scraps in time. Paper cutters are mainly classified as follows.
The mechanical classification consists of household paper cutters and industrial paper cutters, with a wide variety and varying degrees of automation.
Household paper cutters are composed of toilet paper cutters, napkin cutters, paper cutters, square paper cutters, paper towel cutters, tissue cutters and kitchen towel machines. According to different paper products, the corresponding cutting machine is different.
Toilet paper cutter more refers to the band saw cutter used to cut toilet paper roll paper. The band saw a paper machine is equipped with an automatic sharpening knife and a movable platen device, which can cut into the required rolled paper products according to the required length and width.
Industrial paper cutters include manual paper cutters, electric paper cutters, CNC paper cutters, etc., which are mainly used for cutting industrial paper or other products. If you need to find an industrial paper cutter, you should know the product use as much as possible to find the corresponding equipment manufacturer.
The optimized heavy-duty frame design of the kitchen towel machine has precision machining, stable performance and is rugged and durable. The kitchen towel machine adopts new high-integration and high-stability components, original electronic knife position indication line to ensure reliable operation of the paper cutter; touch key panel, automatic reset function to ensure absolute safety.


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