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For a maxi roll making machine, the quality of the sharpening is determined by the manufacturing materials and equipment, the specification of the sharpening process and the technical level of the operator. The higher the quality of the knife, the longer the service life of the cutter, the better the cutting quality. The cutting tool of the maxi roll making machine is made of the blade and the body by high-temperature mosaic welding. The cutting edge is chromium-tungsten manganese steel with high hardness, and the knife body is made of low carbon steel. The durability of the tool is proportional to the hardness of the steel. The hardness of the blade can reach HR55~60 after quenching.
In a maxi roll making machine, a single grinding tool is generally used, and the grinding angle is between 19 °and 23 °. However, the blade of this shape is not an ideal shape, and the diagonal surface of the tool is subjected to the pressure of the cut part of the paper during the cutting process. In this way, under the friction of the edge of the paper, the oblique plane of the blade is quickly worn out. The cutting edge of the double-sided blade has obvious advantages, and its grinding edge is helpful to reduce the load of the machine and improve the accuracy of cutting. The smaller the angle of the cutting edge, the sharper the blade, the smaller the shear resistance of the cut object to the knife, and the smaller the wear and power consumption of the machine, so the cut product is neater and smoother.
However, if the grinding angle is too small, the strength and wear resistance of the blade will be reduced accordingly, and the cutting speed and cutting quality will be reduced. Therefore, the angle of the grinding edge should be as small as possible when the tool material is allowed and the shear resistance of the cutting object is taken into account. In the cutting process, the dull speed of the knife-edge is related to the wear resistance of the cut material. When the paper is cut, the speed of blunting of the blade is related to how much the paper’s texture is soft and hard as well as the ash content. The harder the cut is, the higher the ash content, the faster the blade becomes dull.
For a maxi roll making machine, the air expansion shaft is an important component of the printing equipment, which has important applications in the paper separator. The air expansion shaft is a special winding shaft. It is a shaft that can protrude from the surface after high-pressure inflation.
At the same time, it is the shaft that can be rapidly retracted in the surface part after bleeding. It has an independent slip and torsion setting structure, which can solve the uncoiling phenomenon caused by the thickness and uneven tension of each roll of the material of strip, so as to effectively improve the product quality and efficiency, and effectively solve common problems in the use of slicer.


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