V fold facial tissue machine, V fold kitchen towel machine, N fold hand towel machine,
Z fold hand towel machine, facial tissue/kitchen towel/hand towel automatic production line

V fold and N fold (Z fold) type tissue and towel, such as V fold facial tissue and kitchen towel and hand towel, Z fold hand towel, and the log saw cutter; we provide facial tissue/kitchen towel/hand towel automatic production line solutions.
With our patented technology, we customize and supply the best interfold tissue and N fold tissue production line in China, processing the facial tissue, kitchen and hand towel.
And with constant innovation of our own converting technology, we promise we will offer you the best and appropriate proposal for your production!


There is a large number of tissue users in the whole wide world and everyone is relying on it day by day. What process and equipment do the facial tissue machine need and what are the advantages? Let's take a look.
To produce paper towels, we must first understand the facial tissue machine for producing paper towels. Now the most sold on the market are toilet paper and pumping paper, so most of my friends start with toilet paper processing and pumping paper processing. Tissue paper processing requires three sets of equipment. They are 1880 toilet paper rewinding machine, band saw cutting machine, and water-cooling sealing machine. This set of equipment has an output of about two tons in eight hours. It can process toilet paper raw materials below 2.2 meters. The facial tissue machine has three rows of paper pumping machines and soft pumping ironing and packaging machines. There are two pieces of equipment in total. The production capacity of this set of equipment in 8 hours is 700-800 kg.
Toilet paper processing equipment is 3000 model type, paper cutters use full-automatic rotary paper cutters, and packaging includes full-automatic horizontal packaging machines. Facial tissue machine and packaging can be equipped with a full automatic three-dimensional packaging machine.
The box-pumping facial tissue folding machine adopts vacuum adsorption and automatic counting and stacking device. It has the advantages of fast speed and accurate quantity and is a piece of advanced equipment for the production of boxed facial tissues. This machine is suitable for a variety of paper thickness origami, and can easily and quickly adjust various origami methods. It has the advantages of the paper feed pressure regulator, which makes the paper run smoothly at high speed. Additional automatic arrangement of the paper receiver, which is the ideal instruction manual origami equipment for the pharmaceutical and toy industries.
The napkin paper machine is embossed, folded, and slit into square or long paper towels. In fact, the napkin machine here refers to three different types of folding paper towel equipment: paper clip machine, handkerchief paper machine, napkin paper machine. Paper clip machines and napkin machines can be completed by replacing the folding board, but the handkerchief paper machine must be different from other paper towel machines.
The automatic embossing folding napkin machine is used to emboss, fold, electronically count, and cut the raw tissue paper into a finished napkin with a clear pattern and a beautiful appearance. The entire processing is completed by the machine at one time. Due to the high degree of automation, good processing quality, and high production efficiency, it is a piece of ideal facial tissue machine for paper products factories and urban and rural households to build rich plants with a small investment and quick results. In addition, embossing can produce various clear and beautiful patterns according to user needs.
After knowing the relevant content of the paper towel equipment, if you want to know the price of a full set of paper towel production equipment, you must watch the site in person, because the equipment is a penny price and a good price, you must see the actual machine before making reasonable decisions. 


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