CJ190-A-1500 Facial Tissue Folding Machine

Model: CJ190-A-1500

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We often overlook the importance of paper in our lives but life without paper is unthinkable. Paper is one of those products that can be converted into different forms by paper converting equipment by various paper converting companies such as Foshan Nanhai Dechangyu Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Some benefits of converting paper into tissue

There are many benefits of converting paper into tissue paper and some of them are mentioned below.

Reduce Waste

The main benefit of converting paper into tissue is that it reduces paper waste.

  • Every year thousands of tons of paper are wasted rather than recycling it.
  • Most paper converting machine companies use recycled paper instead of new paper to make tissues.

Therefore, they reduce paper waste and help towards a cleaner and healthier environment.

Saves Trees

Trees are the primary source of paper. By using already available paper they save the lives of trees. We all know that trees are very important for our habitat and our imminent survival depends upon them. Therefore, saving trees is becoming everybody’s agenda these days.

World leaders are now also realizing the threat faced by humanity due to the cutting of trees and paper converting machine companies such as Foshan Nanhai Dechangyu Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd are highly encouraged due to their initiative.

An Efficient and Cheap Way of Making Tissue

Making tissue from the tree is a long and costly method. You must start from scratch and must pay for delivery costs and other expenses to make tissue. But by using paper you can save yourself from spending all this money and can also save time.

Making tissue from the paper is a short method and now advanced paper converting equipment is also available in the market which can make the process even shorter. This makes making tissue from paper even more beneficial.

The Tissue is More Convenient to Use Than Other Substitutes

More and more people are starting to use tissue paper instead of napkins or towels because they are very convenient to use. They are also very hygienic as used tissue cannot be used by other people. Due to these benefits, the demand for tissue paper has increased a lot.

To meet this demand, using paper is the most reasonable choice because using trees to make tissues will be disastrous for our environment.

Saves Energy and Reduces the Greenhouse Effect

Using recycling paper to make tissue takes almost 70% less energy than making from trees. This step also decreases pollution and smog. Greenhouse gases are extremely dangerous for our environment. By using recycled paper, the emission of these harmful gases is greatly reduced, and this changes our climate for the better.

Recycling one ton of paper saves up to 17 trees and 3.3 cubic yards of fertilized land to go to waste.


Converting paper into tissue has some major positive impacts on our environment. Therefore, governments all around the world are supporting these companies by reducing paper converting equipment costs and lowering their taxes.



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