2017 24th Wuhan Tissue Paper Annual Conference CIDPEX 2017 Exhibition

On March 22-24, 2017, our company participated in the CIDPEX2017 (China Paper Annual Conference and Women's and Children's Health and Elderly Care Products Exhibition) held in Wuhan.

At the meeting, our company focused on the new automatic facial tissue production line for the local market, as well as our new product without glue sealing machine.

Related models

Fully automatic V-fold tissue production line

1. From raw material to packaging, the production line is fully automated, and the operator only needs to monitor the production process and operate easily. The production speed is up to 150 meters per minute, saving manpower and material resources and effectively increasing production capacity.

2. Accurate stack counting system and folding effect, which greatly improves the product qualification rate.

3. The patented spiral cutter design greatly improves the service life of the cutter [utility model patent number: ZL 2012 2 0162405.1, ZL 2014 2 0756824.7, etc.].

4. User-friendly automatic roller body maintenance system.

5. Fully automatic production improves the hygiene level of the products.

Rubber-free sealing machine


1, less cost - reduce the derivative costs of traditional production links

2, better production - avoid pollution during production

3, life is more - make life paper more natural, pure and comfortable



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