ZQ-HW Automatic High Speed Industrial Roll Slitting Rewinder

Model: ZQ-HW

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1. Adopt PLC&HMI, easy to operate the machine;
2. Automatic core feeding system, automatic pull/plug shaft system, automa-tic cut ting core system, make production process(core convey, shaft plug-ging, core fee ding, slitting&rewinding, tail trimming&sealing, shaft puling)automatic;
3. Each unit is driven by independent motor(servo mot-or); Simple structure decrea ses failure rate;
4. Rewinding control: Automatic pneumatic proportional valve controls linear slider . rail lifting, pneumatic servo system controls riding roller, pneumatic thimbles gra sp core shaft:
5. Front&back rewinding rollers' speed differential and riding roller, control final pro duct's tension and both ends' neatness; Slitting blade is precisely controlled, tole rancet0.1mm;
6. Automatic tail triming gluing sealing.



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