Why Lotion Tissue Making Machine Is Popular Among Tissue Manufacturers ?

Facial tissues are paper products that are commonly used for personal cleanliness in present-day society. Similar products of the same category include napkins, toilet tissue, and paper towels. All these paper products are highly absorbent, flexible, and soft. These properties are particularly essential for bathroom and facial tissues. For optimizing soft skin feel, a lotion tissue making machine has been introduced that uses lotion-type ingredients or softening agents for reducing any irritation effect on delicate body parts.

Lotion tissues are manufactured by a procedure in which the solution of cellulose fibers and water is used to create nonwoven fabric, which is then spread into a sheet and later laminated with softening agents. Lastly, the laminated fabric is cut into tissue pieces, folded, and then packaged for sale. The softness of tissue is characterized by the physical properties of the sheet such as stiffness or flexibility, frictional properties, and texture.


Historically, it was tough to make tissue surface soft without meddling with other fabric properties. For instance, adding agents increase softness that interferes with tissue fibers and makes them less closely bonded to one another. Such agents are called debonding agents, however, they tend to cause skin irritation and may reduce the tensile power of tissue fabric. Tissue manufacturers started using some coating materials but they resulted in decreasing the fabric strength, making the tissue useless. To avoid this issue, lotion tissue making machine and lotion tissue rewinding machine were introduced by paper tissue making machine manufacturers to well balance absorbency with softness.


Foshan Nanhai Dechangyu Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of tissue making machines in China. The company also offers top-quality lotion tissue making machine to its clients, not just in China but throughout the world. At present, Dechangyu deals in two types of lotion tissue making machines i.e. ZQ-SY-III Lotion Coating Machine (Double-side) and FC-TB High-Speed Lotion Coating Jumbo Roll Slitting Rewinder. Their key characteristics are listed below.

  • Ensure the best evenness of coating. The vertical and horizontal coating debiation ensure less than 3%.
  • Ensure 500 m/min speed of the coating operation.
  • Ensure the neatness error of both ends of the products is  ± 1mm.
  • Ensure great winding quality of final products.


The number of users of tissue papers is rising day by day in different parts of the world. Every user prefers having a soft tissue that is not only gentle to the skin but also has good absorbency. Here at Dechangyu, we deal in the best-selling lotion tissue making machines. As far as the price of these machines is concerned, it is cost-effective. The production efficiency of our tissue making machines is also high. Also, these machines are fully automated, so you don’t need manual labor.


Other advantages of our lotion tissue rewinding machine are precise quantity and rapid speed. You can use this tissue paper making machine for any paper thickness origami. Simply adjust its origami methods as per your requirement and get accurate outcomes. Also, the machine comes with the paper feed pressure regulator that makes paper running smooth at a high pace. 



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