What Will Affect The Coating And Converting ?

When we talk about the lotion tissue products, the customers like its silky touch and moisturizing feel . It is an innovative product which is different from the traditional facial tissue and toilet paper product. It needs the lotion tissue making machine, what we called lotion tissue coating and rewinding machine. However, when we talk about the production of the lotion-coated tissue, we can say that the production requirement is comparatively different and a bit strict as well.

Here are a few points that you should know about the lotion tissue product production :

1.The relationship between the converting part and the coating part of the tissue 

According to the experimental results, when the coating amount is ≥15%, the dry strength of the paper declines significantly, and the decline depends the coating amount. When the coating amount is around 20%, the dry strength declines by around 20%; when the coating amount is around 30%, the dry strength declines by around 40%; when the coating amount is around 50%, the dry strength declines by around 50% . Since the coated tissue paper needs to maintain a certain tension during the converting,  the smooth progress of the converting is related to the dry strength of the coated tissue paper.

2.The relationship between paper wet strength and coating part and converting part

The next thing that you must know about is the relationship between the wet paper strength based on the converting and the coating part. If we talk about the coaching percentage that is around 15%, the strength of the tissue will be around 10%. And if the coating percentage has been increased to 30%, the strength of the tissue will be around 25%. With increasing the coating percentage, the strength will eventually be increased, and if it is around 50%, the coating strength will be around 35%. When the drive strength of the tissue paper is properly maintained, the converting path will be done smoothly.

3.The relationship between tissue paper thickness and coating and conversion

Using different coating equipment has different effects on the thickness of the paper. If the paper is not squeezed during the coating process, the thickness of the paper will not change significantly under the same tension. For example, the thickness of the raw paper is about 75μm, and when the coating amount is about 30%, the thickness of the coated paper is about 70μm. When the tension increases, the thickness of the paper shows a clear downward trend.

The thickness of the coated tissue paper determines the fullness of the package. When the thickness is low, there may be a phenomenon that the package is not full or the side seal cannot be sealed. If you are interested in something about the lotion coating machine, or if you want to consult something about the lotion coating, please do not hesitate to contact to our Dechangyu. It is our honor to be able to answer your questions in this regard.



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