What Is Lotion Tissue And How It Is Employed ?



Dechangyu, as lotion tissue making machine manufacturer, here we mainly share with you what is lotion tissue. When it comes to talking about lotion issue, many people would be confused, what is called lotion ? When we are talking about “what is lotion tissue”, The first is to get understanding of the lotion used on tissue paper. Lotion is a description of the state of matter, as we usually say water is liquid, soil is solid and so on. Corresponding to the lotion is emulsion, it is similar to a state of water but more sticky than water. Lotion is more viscous than emulsion, such as facial cleansers and moisturizers. The state that is more sticky than lotion is called colloid or gel, similar to semi-solid, and the state that is more sticky than semi-solid is solid.


The lotion is commonly found in care products and cosmetics, and their main ingredients vary greatly depending on their function. The use of lotion on tissue paper can also be divided into a variety of categories, such as lotion that focus on moisturizing functions, lotion that focus on smooth series, and functional lotion that can have a certain skin care effect on the skin, etc. But no matter what the classification, the basic ingredients have not changed much.


Polyols can give tissue paper a good moisturizing function. Common moisturizing polyols are glycerin, propylene glycol, sorbitol, polyethylene glycol, hexylene glycol, xylitol, polypropylene glycol, etc. In addition, there are natural moisturizing ingredients such as amino acids, aloe vera, shea butter, seaweed extract, and other moisturizing ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid.


Silicone polymers, quaternary ammonium salt polymers and other substances can effectively change the dynamic friction coefficients and static friction coefficients between fibers, so that the softness of the tissue paper is well improved. At the same time, due to the reduction in the friction coefficient of the tissue paper surface, its smoothness has been greatly improved, and the silky touch is easily reflected by such substances.


In order to improve the added value of tissue paper and product competitiveness, some lotion ingredients are also added with squalane, deep sea oil, aloe and other ingredients. Such substances are usually expensive, and the content of lotion ingredients is very small.


In conclusion ,the composition of lotion suitable for tissue paper should follow the following points:

1. Contains a proper amount of moisturizing ingredients.

The moisturizing ingredients are used to increase the softness and skin-friendly feel of the tissue paper, but it should be noted that excessive amounts of moisturizing ingredients may cause the strength and bulkiness of the paper to decrease, causing troubles for subsequent production.

2. Contains an appropriate amount of softener.

The softener referred to here mostly contains silicon-based ingredients. The softener can give the tissue paper a soft and smooth performance and make the user feel silky.

3. Contains an appropriate amount of fixative.

The fixative can well fix the lotion component on the surface of the tissue paper without penetrating into the paper, which can reduce the impact of the lotion on the physical properties of the tissue paper. And at the same time ensure that the lotion is very effective during the use of the user transfer to the user's skin, so as to achieve the desired effect.

4. Contains the surfactant.

The Surfactant can effectively reconcile the different ingredients in the lotion, so that the lotion ingredients can form a stable mixture.

5. Contains the emulsifier.

Depending on the components of the lotion, some ingredients may have to undergo an emulsification process to form a more stable emulsion for production.

6. Contains the preservative.

Most of the ingredients in the lotion are organic, and most of the lotion has a moisturizing effect. Therefore, it will cause the lotion tissue to be extremely prone to bacteria and mold. Adding the food-grade preservatives can effectively avoid this situation.



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