Types Of Toilet Paper Machines For Sale

Tissue papers are also known as toilet papers. They are mainly used in daily life of people and have become an essential requirement. No doubt, toilet papers are largely used in toilets, but some people also use them for removing makeup and for drying wet hands or face. These days, you can easily find toilet papers in everyone’s home, but have you ever thought how they are made? Toilet paper machines for sale are specially designed to produce toilet papers at a large scale. To make toilet papers soft, a toilet paper machine uses mechanical methods to make toilet papers wrinkle, and hence improves their softness.

Raw materials for making toilet papers

Toilet papers are made with several raw materials. Some of the commonly used raw materials are cotton pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp, and wood pulp. Other non-polluting natural materials are also used. Some toilet papers are made with recycled pulp.

Types of toilet papers

Types of toilet papers are based on their quality. It can either be good or bad and uses different raw materials. Based on the raw materials, toilet papers are divided into two categories.

  • Raw pulp paper
  • Recycled paper

The first type of toilet paper uses raw pulp without any outside printing pollution, thus it’s the best. The second type of toilet paper utilizes recycled paper for filtering and regenerating pulp through many procedures. Toilet paper further divides by purpose, including:

  • Facial tissue
  • Roll tissue
  • Handkerchief paper

Are tissue papers toxic?

Good toilet papers are very safe, thus we should learn to identify between bad and good toilet paper. A bad-quality toilet paper can be damaging to human skin. Its because bad-quality toilet paper contains noxious substances like fluorescent agents, talcum powder, bleaching agents, etc. If you keep using bad-quality toilet paper for a longer time, then it will result in skin itching, redness, and even rashes. This is why its necessary to learn difference between good and bad toilet paper. If a toilet paper leaves off-white burnt ashes, then it indicates good toilet paper having no harmful substances. But if burnt ashes are black, it indicates a bad-quality toilet paper.


Foshan Nanhai Dechangyu Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. deals in the good-quality toilet paper machines for sale. Toilet paper machines have two types based on coating i.e. in-machine type and out-machine type.

  • In-machine type

This type of toilet paper machine for sale has a coater that continuously performs paper making and coating.

  • Out-machine type

This machine makes double-coated toilet papers, which have better print capability than single-coated toilet papers. Thus, double-coated toilet papers have better quality.

Types of coaters

Toilet paper machines for sale by Dechangyu use three types of coaters i.e. roll coater, air coater, and blade coater.

Key components of a toilet paper machine

Here at Dechangyu, the tissue paper production line consists of:

  • Cutter
  • 2X four-lane long saw
  • Tail sealer
  • Accumulator
  • Main machine
  • Core rewinder
  • 4X shaftless unwinding stands
  • Core accumulator

Dechangyu deals in fully automatic toilet paper machines for sale. We never compromise over the quality of our machines so you can trust our products.



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