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Toilet paper machine for sale is used for making toilet papers. This machine is in use for many years because of its ability of mass production. People prefer using toilet paper in the washroom as it helps provide everyday hygiene. It has become a necessity in our daily routine. Different types of raw materials are used for manufacturing toilet paper like cotton pulp, bamboo pulp, recycle paper, wood pulp, etc. Foshan Nanhai Dechangyu Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is an expert supplier of toilet paper manufacturing machine that can make all types of toilet papers.


Dechangyu has been manufacturing toilet paper machines for the past several years. It has never compromised over the quality of machines so that users can get top-quality toilet papers. The company deals in a variety of toilet paper making machines to let customers choose the right one for their factory. Our toilet paper machines have several benefits, including the latest technology, high productivity, long service lifespan, competitive price, etc.


Dechangyu provides fully automatic toilet paper machine for sale. We have the best machining equipment and machining group. We can customize and provide high-quality non-stop type toilet paper manufacturing machine in China. Also, we manufacture start-and-stop type paper roll manufacturing machines, industrial rolls, kitchen towel rolls, and maxi rolls. We have been constantly innovating our converting technology and guarantee to provide the most appropriate and best tissue roll production line.


Paper rewinder is another necessary device for manufacturing toilet paper rolls. The quality of toilet paper not just depends on the quality of raw materials but also on the quality of the toilet roll machine and paper rewinding machine. Thus, it is essential to buy a paper rewinding machine in addition to a toilet paper machine. Small-sized toilet paper manufacturing machine uses an 1880 rewinder. Its price is not high and will help raise the production efficiency of your toilet paper machine. But if you have adequate funds, industry experience, and relevant channels then you can select an automatic 3000 paper rewinding machine to get better outcomes. It does not require manual assistance in the entire rewinding procedure of the toilet roller. Its rewinding is automatic and can be utilized within 3-meter of paper raw materials. It will provide approximately 3 to 3.5 tons output in 8 hours. In comparison to 1880 paper rewinder, the 3000 rewinder saves more resources.


Additionally, there is an automatic toilet roll machine that can give 60/80 cutting per minute. This automatic machine does not require manual paper cutting, just requires setting paper size to work automatically. Also, the paper packaging machine can flatten and affix the bag without needing workers. Meantime, its automation and production efficiency are also higher. Thus, from this viewpoint, when you select a toilet paper machine for sale, you must select the right tools as per your requirements. Make sure you physically check the toilet paper machine’s real configuration, running speed, cylinder size, running stability, automation, and steel thickness before taking any buying decision. You can visit the factory of Dechangyu to check out all these features and functions. 



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