The DECO glue lamination——The double sides 3D DECO glue lamination


In the beginning, the traditional DECO is designed for the 3 ply tissue roll. The main texture's pattern and colour are conspicuous with the company of the auxiliary texture. So it is very popular among the developed countries in Europe and America.
Here is its usual structure:
The top layer: includes the main texture and the auxiliary texture
The middle layer: includes the main texture and the coloured glue is coated on this layer
The bottom layer: only includes the auxiliary texture
As the following picture shows :


On the front side of the tissue, the texture is significantly conspicuous, and with the company of the auxiliary texture, the sheets will become more layering visually and tactilely.
But on the bottom side, we can only see the shallow watermark on the main texture. It lost the stereoscopic impression. Therefore, it makes the auxiliary texture monotonous, and the difference between the main texture and the auxiliary texture became insignificant. Otherwise, it makes the tactile impression very rough.
Another point, the consumers often need to fold the tissue sheets during use. After folding, the original bottom side becomes the front side, and the contrast between the touch and the sense of the front and back of the paper towel affects the customer's experience.

Therefore, the double sides 3D DECO glue lamination solves the above problems very well!
The double side 3D DECO glue lamination is further innovated on the basis of the traditional DECO glue lamination. The embossing pattern on the front and bottom of the tissue product can be exactly the same, regardless of the front and back, upper and lower layers can be used. The touch is equally comfortable. Especially suitable for the manufacture of three-layer and four-layer rewind products.
Four-layer toilet paper is popular in China, but compared to the lamination unit from other machinery suppliers, their traditional DECO lamination is mostly designed for the three-layer tissue paper. When they are making four-layer tissue paper products, the third and fourth layer of tissue paper only embossed in the form of the auxiliary texture, but the fourth layer of the tissue paper will be easy to fall off. Therefore, people must use the edge embossing to ensure four-layer structure steady, but this will lead to greater contrast between the front side and the bottom side.



On the contrary, the tissue products made by our machines, either three layers type or four layers type, is superior to the traditional production process. This is thanks to our own the best machining team and processing equipment.
As the following picture shows :


Otherwise, our double sides 3D DECO glue lamination can add the two colour glueing function. The front side and the bottom side of the tissue can present a different colour. Therefore, it will make the appearance of the tissue more attractive and creative.

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