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Dechangyu kitchen paper machine is adept in making good quality paper tissue. As we all know, paper acts an indispensable function in our daily life, An excellent quality paper not only offers us wonderful experiemce but also protects our fragile skin. Here, we make brief introduction of kitchen paper towel.

Kitchen paper towel is a kind of tissue paper product which is different from the toilet paper roll. It has two major functions, one is for household cleaning, and the other is to absorb food moisture and oil.


450/350 Fully Automatic High Speed Kitchen Towel Production Line

Compared to the traditional rag towel, it has many benefits.

1. Clean and hygienic

After using the rag towel for a few days, even if it is washed and cleaned every day, it will still accumulate a lot of bacteria on it (which can be increased by multiples of 100 to 10 million). Continue to use it, it will not only be more and more dirty,  but also leave a lot of bacteria on the wiped area and your hand,which is invisible to your eyes. It is posing a very big threat to the health of your family.
The kitchen paper towel has strong cleaning ability and is a disposable product. It is used in place of rag towels, clean and hygienic, and effectively protects family members from bacterial invasion.

2. Easy to use

Kitchen paper can replace rags, which can more easily and effectively clean the kitchen, and at the same time eliminate the trouble of cleaning the dirty rag towels. It is very convenient to use and suitable for the busy office workers, so that everyone can easily have a bright and clean kitchen as new! It is convenient and fast using.

3. Wide range of uses

Kitchen paper can not only be used for household cleaning, but also use during cooking.It can directly absorb the moisture and oil of food, a good helper for cooking. At present, the use of kitchen paper towel is becoming common in China. About the purchase of kitchen paper from a functional point of view, choose thicker, fluffy, and stronger water and oil absorption to a hygiene perspective, choose one that is clean, environmentally friendly, and hygienic without confetti, otherwise it will be troublesome if confetti gets on the food.




Therefore, choosing the right and appropriate kitchen towel machine line production is a big problem for every tissue converting manufacturer. DECHANGYU's production equipment can provide you with a full set of solutions.

At present, DECHANGYU can provide its unique embossing and lamination technology to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of tissue paper products in terms of function and appearance.

Function Aspects : DECHANGYU can ensure that the product has a high bulkiness, so that the product has excellent water and oil absorption abilities.

Embossing Pattern : DECHANGYU has its own pattern design technical team and a complete design process. This can design a unique embossing pattern for you, ahead of other competitors in the market.

Clean and Hygienic : DECHANYU has launched the new patent glue-free technology for the paper towel production. It is including the glue-free tail sealer for the roll product tail sealing, and the glue-free embossing & lamination for the plys embossing.These new technologies can not only upgrade the products, greatly increase the product value in new concept, but also actually achieve the environmental production.

Until now, DECHANGYU is still committed to improve the paper towel product in different aspects. Of course, if you have any new ideas or if you want such equipment in your tissue converting lines, no problems ! Do not hesitate to contact to us and we will give you the most suitable proposal for your company !



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