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In order to shorten the loading time, improve efficiency and improve the accuracy of printing, according to the different printing press, the punch of the toilet roll rewinding machine is divided into double open and four open. At the same time, there are bendable and non-bendable toilet roll rewinding machine punch for further classification.
First of all, automatic single punch is suitable for a variety of printing machines. Second of all, it can improve printing quality, save time and labor and space. Third of all, it can make the printing effect and plat efficiency improve by 40%, which is also the best cooperative partner for plate making printing. The last but not the least, it has a good feature of a variety of specifications and modes, so it can be customized according to the user's requirements.
The punch of the toilet roll rewinding machine can ensure that your printing plate can achieve a touch of high accuracy, so that your printing press can maximize its effectiveness. The maintenance of the toilet roll rewinding machine also matters especially for the punching machine. The oil of the punching machine needs to be replaced regularly, basically, it needs to be replaced every year. In order to ensure the flexibility of the punching machine, its slider also needs to be lubricated frequently. Generally, it needs to be sprayed with oil before the punching machine runs, and the appearance of the column of the punching machine also needs to be clean and clean. If the punching machine has not been used for a long time, it needs to clean its surface, but also apply rust-proof oil to avoid corrosion and rust. It is also necessary to check the punching machine regularly, and the pressure gauge will take about 6 months to check it.
The paper belt of the toilet roll rewinding machine is driven by the triangular belt through the stepless speed regulating wheel, and the transmission speed will be more stable only if the triangular belt is close to the outer edge of the speed regulating wheel. In order to achieve such a stable transmission effect, the speed ratio of the main gearbox can be adjusted step by step, so that the linear speed of the toilet roll rewinding machine can be slowed down. At the same time, each speed regulating handwheel of the paper feeding belt of the base paper rack is adjusted, so that the three groups of transmission triangular belts are in the reasonable position on the outer edge of the stepless speed regulating wheel until the speed of the toilet roll rewinding machine is consistent with that of the paper feeding beltline.
The toilet roll rewinding machine adjusts the paper pressing gap of the press roll so that the paper sheet can be transferred smoothly between the paper feeding belt and the rewinder roll. When the arc shaft is too high, the paper is scratched and touched by the punch knife, and the paper is easy to break. When the position is too low, the paper is scraped to the hole and the knife is easy to fault. Generally adjusting the position height of the arc shaft is suitable for the paper to pass through the punch knife, the bottom layer is 5 mm higher than the punch bottom knife.


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