Overview of 2019 Wuhan Household Paper Annual Meeting

In 2019, Wuhan's annual papermaking annual meeting was officially closed. Dechangyu Company thanked all customers and partners for coming to visit and guide.

The 2019 Wuhan Tissue Paper Annual Meeting was held at the Wuhan International Expo Center on April 17-19, 2019.

Lu Dechang, the chairman of Dechangyu Company, and Zhang Zhirong, the general manager of the company, led the team to participate in the exhibition. The booth visited new and old customers, visited and consulted more than 200 people, and sent more than 200 product brochures. The old customers visited the company and consulted new customers to understand the performance of the products. Representatives of the household paper industry leaders visited and exchanged views with Chairman and General Manager of Dechangyu.

Dechangyu's reputation is the 450X-PRO production line, in terms of speed (400m minutes or 40 minutes, coreless roll paper minimum roll diameter 45mm), and rewind quality (roll wrinkles ≤0.3~0.8mm, end face depression ≤ 5 ~ 8mm), coupled with the latest generation of rubber-free sealing machine, taking into account environmental protection, sealing effect and speed.

Years of research and development, preparation for half a year, four days of building and finishing, to show you the style of Dechangyu reputation: adhere to research and development, technology first, Dechang people, a reputation!
Finally, thanks to the Tissue Paper Association for creating this platform, let us have a pleasant three days with the guests! Dear friends, let's see you next year at Nanjing Exhibition!

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