N Fold Towel Machines

In the prior art, paper towels and wet wipes (hereinafter collectively referred to as paper towels) need to be folded during the packaging process by N fold paper machine to reduce the packaging volume and make it convenient to carry and store. However, the modern people’s aesthetic views diverse a lot and to meet the needs of various consumer groups, different requirements for the folding width of paper towels have been proposed. The existing paper towel folding machine can only realize one folding width. If you want to process different folding widths, you need to replace the folding device with an advanced N fold paper machine. But replacing the folding device requires a huge cost, and is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and inefficient, which is not conducive to the diversification and automation of production. Frequent replacement of the folding device is very serious for the wear of parts, which will also increase production costs. In view of the shortcomings in the prior art mentioned above, we propose innovative solutions, especially a folding mechanism for a paper towel folding machine with a simple structure, convenient operation, and durability.
To solve the above problems, a solution is adopted as follows: A folding mechanism for an N fold paper machine includes a folding plate, a fixing bracket and an insert, wherein the folding plate is folded into a paperboard part, a gradient board part and an origami board. The gradient board part is located between the cardboard part and the folding board part; the connecting edge a of the gradient board part and the cardboard part and the connecting edge b of the gradient board part and the folding board part are arranged in parallel.
In general, the N fold paper machine is composed of a folding board, a fixed bracket and an insert. The folding board is cut from a whole piece of stainless steel and bent into three parts: a cardboard part, a gradient board part and an origami board part, and a cardboard part. The trapezoid is a trapezoid with a folded edge and is preferably right-angled, and the folded edge is arranged on the longer parallel side in the trapezoid to facilitate the acceptance of the paper towel from the folding machine. The shorter parallel sides in the trapezoid are connected to the gradient plate part. The gradient board part is a pentagon structure with one long, one short, and two parallel sides. The longer parallel sides of the pentagonal structure are connected to the cardboard part of the trapezoid structure. Generally speaking, from the cardboard part to the gradient board, from the part to the origami board, the width becomes gradually smaller. The paperboard part of the N fold paper machine accepts the paper towel and makes the paper towel form a foldable part during the forward movement. The insert is connected to the fixed bracket through a bracket and the fixed bracket is vertically arranged. The gradient plate portion is parallel to the gradient plate portion. It is set on the side of the longer side of the pentagon structure of the gradient plate portion and cooperates with the longer one to fold the paper towel on the side. The position and angle of the insert can be adjusted through the bracket, thereby adjusting the folding width of the paper towel. The bracket uses a simple combination of a bracket rod and a connecting ring, and the connecting ring is arranged at one end of the bracket rod, so that the bracket can form a vertical connection when the bracket is connected, and the bracket rod uses a cylindrical structure, which is beneficial to adjust the direction of the bracket.


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