Main Features of the Facial Tissue Paper Production Line

Now more and more people are doing facial tissue paper processing and choosing facial tissue paper production lines. After all, efficiency is the core competitiveness of each industry, the choice of equipment with a high degree of automation cannot only reduce manual operation, achieve efficiency, but also reduce costs. For those who just start to contact facial tissue paper processing, as for the facial tissue paper production line awareness, there is still a certain misunderstanding. Today let's lead you to understand the facial tissue paper production line and the related issues.

Automatic facial tissue paper production line usually includes automatic facial tissue paper rewinding machine, automatic paper cutting machine and automatic facial tissue paper packing machine. Automatic facial tissue paper rewinder is more efficient than normal facial tissue paper rewinder. Its roll pushing function achieves the goal of no need for manual assistance to break the paper. After rewinding a roll of paper, it can automatically rewind a roll. This enables the production of the long paper reel into the automatic paper cutting machine for automatic cutting, not only the cutting action is accurate, but also roll paper cut is flat. Compared with the normal paper cutting machine, it is fast and stable, and can keep 50-70 cut per minute. And it can be a multi-purpose machine, it can cut facial tissue paper, facial tissue rolls, flat facial tissue paper and draw paper. Automatic facial tissue paper packaging machine and automatic paper cutting machine connection docking, after cutting facial tissue paper, it can achieve the purpose of automatic bagging, automatic sealing. Throughout the process, only one person meets the requirements, which not only greatly improves production efficiency, but also saves labor and reduces production costs. The price of facial tissue paper production line is affected by the manufacturer, equipment configuration and other factors, so when you select facial tissue paper production line, do not only compare data and price, we sincerely suggest to go to the factory on the spot to investigate, compare the quality, speed and stability of equipment configuration.

From the above we can see that the facial tissue paper production line still needs people, it is only relative that compared with the common facial tissue paper processing equipment, it is on the basis of labor-saving, high production efficiency. A device that is highly automated cannot be free of people. Of course, the higher the degree of automation of the machine, from the labor wage considerations, it's sure to save the cost, but the price of such a machine is also relatively high, which will lead to a relatively large investment in the early stage. From this perspective, the main feature of the automated facial tissue paper production line is that it can save a lot of other costs but based on a relatively high machine cost itself. All in all, the quality of facial tissue paper depends on the quality of the facial tissue paper production line, so choosing a good facial tissue paper production line is a necessary condition for us to do facial tissue paper processing. But when choosing a device, we should not only choose the equipment suitable for ourselves according to our own situation, but also according to its features.



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