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Established in 1988, Foshan Nanhai Dechangyu Paper Machinery Manufacture Co Ltd (Dechangyu for short), has grown into a powerhouse of household paper tissue converting machines and also manufactures ancillary machinery. Dechangyu has over 25 years of global sales experience with more than 60 countries. This article will discuss the various products on offer from Dechangyu with a focus on the Maxi Roll Cutter. Dechangyu has over 50 national patents in the industry. Professional, efficient and highly innovative this company offers the best quality machines. The customers at Dechangyu are cared for and taken into consideration when developing new insights into machines and processes.

For a maxi roll cutter, there are the following factors that bring about success.
The first important aspect is the blade
--The JRT Maxi roll cutters at Dechangyu use only the best chromium-tungsten manganese steel knives, this means for a longer cutting life and guarantee cutting face is neat.
The second sharpen system
-- Using two sharpeners with fix sharpening angle guarantees the sharpening quality and the long blade life.
The third log pushing system
--using a servo motor to control log pushing, guarantee the cutting length is precise no matter the low speed and high speed.

These machines are created with the highest quality materials and your satisfaction is a priority at Dechangyu. The innovation behind these machines is also outstanding. For example, in the DH-VII maxi roll cutter, we see excellent features such as automatic sharpening of the blades, dust absorbing technology and dual channels for simultaneous paper cutting. Some other features of the JRT maxi roll cutters include spring-loaded clamps, vacuum systems, and various other installments to make sure of the excellent end result. At Dechangyu, accuracy is extremely important and the machines they produce reflect this attention to detail. The quality requirements of the materials used in manufacturing is an extensive process. Another reason to go with Dechangyu is that their practices are all compliant with the national environmental protection standards.

Dechangyu is constantly thinking of ways to improve their roll cutters and machinery. In the 1990s, Dechangyu developed the very first semi-automatic toilet roll machine. They pride themselves on bringing out new machinery every 2 - 5 years and this creative innovation is paramount throughout the company. Dechangyu employees are highly trained workers and the processes are handled with great expertise. In 2014, Science and Technology Industrial Park, Sanshui Leping, their 60 000 square meter production base was put into use, improving and upgrading once again. This company cares about progress and it is constantly looking for ways to improve their production.

Dechangyu is a reliable company that produces excellent results. Their machinery is accurate, efficient and is constantly being looked at for improvements. The maxi roll cutters in the JRT Production line are some of the most advanced machines in their field boasting interesting new developments that provide for better cutting. 



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