How A Fully Automatic Kitchen Towel Machine Is Better Than A Manual Machine?

Paper towels have become a necessity in the kitchens. It’s because paper towels are disposable and are more convenient to use than a normal towel. Keeping in view their need in the kitchens, the demand for kitchen towel machines has greatly increased. Gone are the days when factories used to rely on manual machines for the manufacturing of paper towels. Nowadays, fully automatic high-speed kitchen towel production lines are available to help increase productivity.  With the help of an automatic production line, perforation is clear and precise, and the towel rolls have the finest diameter and tightness.

Foshan Nanhai Dechangyu Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., a professional manufacturer of household paper tissue converting machines in China. All of their paper tissue machines are made with advanced technology and high-quality materials to provide the best results to customers. Dechangyu aims to enhance efficiency that is why it promotes automation rather than the manual operation of machines. One of their best-selling kitchen towel machines is 600 Fully Automatic High Speed Toilet Roll Kitchen Towel Production Line. This kitchen towel production line not just attains efficiency but also decreases costs. Let’s have a brief look at its key characteristics.

  • The best thing about this machine is that it works non-stop and has the ability to rewind continuously.
  • It has a simple structure that helps decrease the failure rate.
  • Each of its units is run by an independent motor (i.e. Servo Motor).
  • Servo Motor helps control the machine hand. Plus, it also breaks the web at the perforation line precisely and gradually.
  • It is equipped with a high-precision Siemens SIMOTION system, NC machined big diameter blade shaft, and fully automatic blades axial slid function.
  • It guarantees clear and precise perforation.
  • It assures that the rolls have the finest diameter and tightness.
  • It is based on patented technology. Thus, it uses the constant-vacuum system to initiate rewinding coreless, much quicker, and with fewer wrinkles.

This kitchen towel machine is often used for the core and coreless towel roll over-wrapping. It is made up of a core winding machine, core storage, kitchen towel and toilet roll rewinder, accumulator, and log saw (4 lines). It comes with an emergency stop button that lets the operator stop the machine at once in case of an emergency. This ensures the security of both the equipment and the operator. Its high-precision photoelectric cell ensures correct tracking of the color mark and digitalized input of cutting position guarantees accurate cutting and sealing.

The 600 Fully Automatic High Speed Toilet Roll Kitchen Towel Production Line can be used for a kitchen towel, roll toilet paper, wipe tissues, and household paper. Its servo control system ensures stable and precise packing processes. It has a huge PLC human-machine interface, which is easy to operate. The transmission system is made with synchronous chains and belt wheels, which can be maintained easily. It adopts fully automatic processes from feeding to cutting and packing to sealing. Its full automation helps prevent contamination from hand operation.




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