FC-WA High Speed Slitting Rewinder

Model: FC-WA

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1. Rewinding control:Automatic pneumatic proportional valve controls linear slider rail lif.ting, pneumatic servo system controls riding roller, pneumatic thimbles grasp core shaft;
2. Slitting bottom blade: one piece blade shaft equipped with full sets of multi-blade blade sets, or movable double-blade knife; bottom blade easy change function (optional).
3. Rewinding shaft lifting rail: front & back rewinding rollers roller speed differential + ridi ng roller control final product tension and neatness of both ends.
4. Backstand: Could run both forward and reverse (optional), easy to operate the machine: Independent driven guiding roller, and the web guide platform at the bottom, reduce the loss of elongation;
5. Leading calender technology: Steel to steel calender, both two roller are made of chilled cast iron, are driven by two motor respectively; Use pneumatic tyre increase pressure;calender rollers' relative angle and gap size are both adjustable;
6. Tipper-hopper does guarding job (while machine is running);
7. Automatic rewinding shaft feeding function;
8. Hydraulic control riding roller, pneumatic lifting reel core shaft;
9. Automatic tail cutting function;
10. Automatic pull-plug system (optional), easy to operate the machine, improve efficiency.
11. Spreading auxiliary roller is included in standard machine.



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