Facial Tissue Making Machine Details Overview

A good facial tissue making machine can produce high-quality facial tissues with minimal labor requirements. It works by folding jumbo rolls into interoverlapped rectangular sheets. The automatic folding mechanism features independent servo motor driving, electrostatic treatment, security system, automatic cutting, and tension adjustment. It can reach high speed and produce nice folded tissues. It is easy to operate, as well. The basic parts of the machine include a feeding section and a paper unwinding and feeding section.


The flow chart of a facial tissue making machine includes a jumbo roll, a cutting unit, an embossing unit, a folding and slitting unit, an output, and a packing station. The face tissue manufacturing machine has a pneumatic wide belt for conveying the jumbo rolls. This device reduces labor strength and fatigue. It is equipped with an automatic counter that can set the cutting width automatically. Its cutting width is adjustable from 100 to 210mm.



An embossing unit can be added, if necessary. It can also be equipped with an automatic deceleration handle. The speed will gradually increase to 600m/min. Finally, the finishing process involves cutting the semi-finished facial tissues. Log saw blades are located above the conveying channel and are responsible for the cutting. They offer a verticality and length tolerance of +-1mm and a tolerance of up to +3mm. This feature helps make the tissue paper flat.


The speed of our facial tissue machine increases to 600m/min when the width of the roll reaches 300mm. The speed is adjusted gradually to maintain the desired level of quality and ensure smoothness. As the speed increases, the pressure roller fine-tuning handwheel should be turned to the right, and the machine should be stable. A faulty pressure roller can result in a poor quality product. If you are planning on purchasing a facial tissue machine, it is better to choose one with multiple lane speeds, which will give you a higher production output.



Dechangyu facial tissue machine is gradually increased to the optimum of 600m/min. If you're a newbie, you must keep a close eye on the paper surface and adjust the pressure roller accordingly. If you see irregularities in the paper surface, you need to turn the pressure roller to the right and the south side folds to avoid it from getting stuck. This way, the paper will be creased correctly.



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