Dechangyu Provides A Machine for Every Paper Rolling Need

Dechangyu provides a machine for every paper rolling need

When you grab a piece of paper towel from the kitchen you don't think much about the production line that got all that paper so neatly packaged and rolled. It is not something that many of us are familiar with. We do not really think about the complications of a paper towel machine. This article will introduce you to a company who just does that. Foshan Nanhai Dechangyu Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd was established in 1988 in Guangdong province of China. They are best described as a professional household paper tissue converting machine and ancillary machinery manufacturer. 

The company has worked hard to establish their international reputation and are used in more than 60 countries across the world. The company's assets have been increasing steadily over the years and they are now firmly rooted on their 100 000 square meter premise. At Dechangyu there are more than 300 highly trained professionals and the workforce are proud to be a part of the Dechangyu family. In this article, we will be looking at the paper towel machines and the toilet roll making machine.

There are two types of machines in this group. The non-stop type and the start and stop type. At Dechangyu, both these types of machines are used in processing toilet rolls, kitchen towel rolls, maxi rolls and industrial rolls. There is also a special device known as a paper-rewinder and this machine is crucial to the entire process. It is a band saw paper cutting machine and Dechangyu pride themselves on the quality and accuracy of the end product. The new paper packaging machine can press and seal automatically, this saves a lot of time down the line and allows your workers to move on to other tasks. Dechangyu provides a machine for every paper rolling need.

As an example, let's take a close look at one of the machines in this group: the 600 fully automatic high speed toilet roll/ kitchen towel/ JRT production line.

Fully Automatic High Speed Toilet Roll Kitchen Towel JRT Production Line

This machine is a non-stop type of machine which means it will continuously rewind. Each unit is driven by a single motor as Dechangyu believes that simplicity is key. The simplicity of the machinery makes for a decreased failure rate. The rewinding is done by patented technologies and when used in connection with other machines, it can be a vital part of the production line.

Dechangyu actually invites you to come to their factory and see these processes for yourself. They are welcoming to the public and are looking to create as many networks as possible. This company is dedicated to their customers and their machines reflect this care and attention. With constant innovation, this company is continually improving on their delivery times and on the accuracy of their machinery. They are winners of various awards and are constantly bringing out new machines, every 2 -5 years to be exact. It may seem such a simple thing as rolling paper onto a roll but we can see from the intricate processes at Dechangyu that this is anything but simple. If you are looking for high quality service, then contact Dechangyu.




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