Brief Introduction of Jumbo Reel Slitting Rewinder

Are you a paper or tissue company? Then you must be in need of having a jumbo reel slitting rewinder. The jumbo reel slitting rewinder will act as both the tissue slitting rewinder or even as the paper slitting rewinder. As a result, you don’t need to worry as you are fully sorted on the rewinding machine you need either for a paper or a tissue.

The jumbo reel slitting rewinderr are perfect in slitting jumbo rolls into small rolls. Furthermore, they come with extra add-ons which include making other applications such as printing, Bag making and many more.

Product Quality

Before you make any purchase of such a high-end machine such as the jumbo reel slitting rewinder, you need to have the quality assurance first as this will go a long way in giving you the satisfaction you will need whenever it comes to the service you receive from the product.

Made from Dechangyu, you have no worries whenever it comes into this jumbo reel slitting rewinder. The reason behind this is because Dechangyu has been one of the leading companies in the manufacture of the household paper tissue converting machines.

Having been in the market for a long period of time, you have the assurance you need in receiving the best service from its products. They have been able to maneuver their production to fit customer needs from several recommendations they have received over time.

Moreover, the company ensures you get the best service through their constant innovation on their own converting technology to ensure they provide the best proposal for your production.

Features of the Jumbo Reel and Tissue Slitting Rewinder

This slitting rewinder is made to enhance convenience in the slitting of both reel as well as tissue materials. It can either be mechanical or automatic depending on which you best prefer for your company. Some of the basic features you will get from this reel slitting rewinder are the following;

  • Flawless slit rolls which provide center driver drum for maintaining the distance between the rewind point and the slitting point for perfect accuracy.
  • To enhance constant tension reels, it comes with a constant line speed hence giving the best output on the reels and tissues produced
  • Features 2 rewinding shafts that are carried on swinging arms. These shafts are center driven through the use of the adjustable slipping clutch.
  • To be able to adjust the pressure exerted between the rewind reels and the center drum, this tissue slitting rewinder features the counter balance system hence you can easily control the pressure levels.
  • Customization through which the slitting methods used will be as the customer requirement. This ranges from razor blade slitting system to the scissor cut or the crush cut slitting system.

These jumbo reel slitting rewinders will provide the customized roll handling system to enhance production and the safety of the users as well. You can easily control the speed of the slitting rewinder which will be dependent on the thickness of the materials as well as the operating conditions you are using the rewinder in. With this, therefore, you are now assured of having your best experience in the slitting you need. Either large-scale or even in the small-scale, you will have the best experience ever.



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