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Are you a company looking forth to enhancement of your production process in tissue conversion and production? Well, you can transform your production process today through getting the best tissue converting machine from the best tissue converting machine manufacturer that has been known for ages on production of these machines. Dechangyu is a professional one of the leading manufacturers based in China who focus on manufacturing professional household paper tissue converting machine as well as the ancillary machinery which focus in bringing efficiency and making work easier.


With the many years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured of receiving quality materials which will also go a long way in providing you with a long-lasting service. This is so as they know what their customers need in the market and what materials have proven to be the best and long-lasting to ensure that one gets a durable service.


The company gives an assurance of providing the best proposals for your productions whether you need a customized or a tailor made production on the tissue converting machine you may need. This is through their constant innovation on their own converting technology which enhances production and manufacture of the tissue converting machinery.


Dechangyu focuses on manufacture of these tissue converting machines which come in a total of 5 series. The several series released by this company include the following;

  • Roll Type Paper Tissue Machines. This includes machines such as the Kitchen Towel Machine, Toilet Roll Machine, JRT Machine or the maxi Roll Machine and the Log Saw Cutter.
  • The N Fold (Z Fold) and V Fold type Towel and Tissue. Dechangyu produces both the V as well as Z fold. The V fold includes the facial tissue, kitchen towel as well as hand towel. The Z fold hand towel together with the log saw cutter.In this, the company provides the hand towel, facial tissue as well the kitchen towel automatic production line solutions.
  • Paper Napkin and Pocket Tissue Machines – If you need machines in producing the paper napkins or even the pocket tissue machines, then Dechangyu has you in mind. The fold napkin machine consists of the quarter fold (1/4), 1/6 and the1/8 fold napkin machine. The company also provides the handkerchief folding machine to give you the perfect expeience.
  • Jumbo Reel Slitting Rewinder – If you have been looking for slitting solutions, then Dechangyu got you covered through its Jumbo Reel Rewinder which gives you perfect solution in slitting of reel or even tissue.
  • The company also features other auxiliary machines which include core winding machine, kraft paper slitting rewinder and accumulator.


Dechangyu focus on providing you the latest model of the tissue converting machines to ensure that your company contains the most latest technology to fit your customers’ needs. With this, therefore, you can do the tissue conversion without any hassle in the current fashionable ways.

To meet your needs, they contain a customized service to supply you with the best quality non-stop tissue roll production through the use of their best machining group as well as machining equipment.



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