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The 26th China International Disposable Paper EXPO (CIDPEX 2019) finally finished . As the largest exhibition for tissue paper and disposable hygiene products industry in the world , it leads the trend and build a better future in this career .
As the leading company in tissue converting machinery, We pay special attention to technological innovation and never rest on our laurels.Therefore we release some new products for our customers, such as the 450X-Pro Toilet paper production line and the FC-TB high lotion coating machine.Especially the 450X-Pro, we brought the 450X-Pro as the prototype for the exhibition. It has been shown to many customers and has been well received.
450X-Pro Toilet paper production line
The new 450X-Pro Toilet paper production line has achieved an unprecedented breakthrough in the production of coreless tissue rolls.
The minimum diameter of the output rolls can reach 45mm.
The speed can reach up to 400 m/min, and the capacity can reach 42 logs/min.
And at such a high speed operation, the wrinkle range of the unwinding is guaranteed to be 0.3-0.8 mm, and the section recessed range is within 5-8 mm, thereby minimizing production loss.
Otherwise, this production line configures with a glue-free tail sealing machine and the with our unique patented technology, the roll tail direction regulator. It makes the appearance of the final product more beautiful.
FC-TB High speed lotion coating machine
In 2018, the lotion facial tissue product developed rapidly in the worldwide. Many famous tissue converting companies in the world are promoting these new concept product, such as C&S , Hengan International , OJI Holdings Corporation , DAIO Paper Corporation , Kleenex Kimberly-Clark and so on. Consequently, the requirements for the lotion facial tissue and the technical requirements are constantly improving.
Therefore , our company release the new model, the FC-TB high speed lotion coating machine.
This model uses a roller blade coating method to make the lotion adhere to the anilox roller by the extrusion of the anilox roller and the rubber roller, and then apply the lotion attached to the anilox roller to the paper web by using a doctor blade. 
We promise to ensure the best coating uniformity at a running speed of 500m/min, the longitudinal and transverse coating deviation is not more than 3%, and the winding quality of the finished product can be guaranteed after slitting and rewinding. The flatness deviation of both left and right end is kept within 1 mm.
As a leading company in the field of tissue converting machinery, we firmly believe that only by constantly pursuing technological innovation and strictly controlling product quality can the industry achieve the most benign development.
If you are interested in our new model, do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you the most suitable proposal for your company !
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