All You Need to Know about Paper Slitting Rewinder

In 1891, Seth Wheeler invented the toilet paper roll that has made its way to every civilized toilet throughout the world. Later in 1908, Frances Meisel of Boston, patented a creation “slitting rewinder that has revolutionized the toilet paper production by manufacturing much more soft tissues. A paper slitting rewinder performs a few necessary and basic functions that make possible the production of contemporary soft material toilet papers. Let’s now discuss the composition, advancements, functions, and working of tissue slitting rewinder machines.


A high speed tissue slitting rewinder is used to roll flexible, non-woven, thin materials, such as paper. Besides that, it can also be used for non-paper materials. Here we are discussing the example of paper to let you understand the working of paper slitting rewinders in detail. The paper making materials are first combined, blended, and mashed into a sludgy, thick liquid termed as slurry. The weight and composition of the finished paper, whether it’s tissue paper, construction paper, paper towels, notebook paper, etc. relies upon the types and quantities of ingredients used in making the slurry. After that, the slurry is drained into the conveyor belt, and usually transported through a four-step process. There are 3 main functions of a slitting rewinder. To start the procedure, the previously rolled paper should be untangled to go through the slitting rewinder in one layer. Through it’s passage, it is slit into strips of required thickness. After the slitting of the material into the market-ready, finished dimensions, it is again wound into sellable rolls.


Different methods can be used to cut materials, which mainly depends on the material under process. However, the most ancient cutting method is score cutting that involves cutting the material between a solid surface and a relatively rough blade. This cutting approach is helpful for slicing adhesives, particularly those with one dry and one sticky side. Though this method is easy and fast to establish, it is dangerous to use on several materials. It can probably cause an extra quantity of dust when applied with paper, warping and stretching when applied with films, and breaking when applied with hard plastics.



Another easy and most economical cutting method is razor blade cutting. This method uses a blade for cutting. However, it cannot be applied on heavy, rigid, or abrasive materials. When this method is used at a high speed, the blade gets heated due to friction between material and blade, which results in beading over the corners of a few materials such as film. The last cutting method is shear cutting, which provides most precise results. Unlike previous method, it can be applied on heavier, more rigid, or thicker materials like films, laminates, foils, and papers. This method uses 2 blades and cut the material from up and down.


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