The Features And Benefits Of V Fold Tissue Machine

Tissue papers have become essential in our daily life no matter whether it’s facial tissues, pockets tissues, or toilet rolls. The V fold tissue machine is designed to give high-strength, best absorbing, and ultra-lightweight soft tissue papers. It would not be wrong to say that tissue papers provide convenience, ease, and hygiene in our everyday life. This is why the majority of people have started using tissue papers in their homes and workplace.


Foshan Nanhai Dechangyu Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. specializes in making V fold tissue making machines such as facial tissue folder machines, automatic V fold tissue production lines, pocket tissue napkin manufacturing machine, and more. Dechangyu has more than 25 years of experience in worldwide export and presently exports machinery to more than 60 regions and countries. We have hired well-trained experts in our company who will provide you detailed information about your desired products. What makes us distinguished from the competitors is that our products have CE certification and ISO9001:2008 certification. We always provide high-quality machines that are not only innovative but also flexible. We have satisfied hundreds of clients not just in China but around the world.


Facial tissues have several uses such as facial cleansing, cleaning surfaces, and removing makeup. The V fold tissue machine has packaging machines, soft ironing machines, and 3 rows of paper pumping machines. V fold tissue-making machine has a production capacity of 700 to 800 kilograms in 8 hours. This tissue-making machine comes with web feeding protection that allows the machine to stop automatically once it is overloaded so that there is no future damage. Moreover, it is also equipped with a flexible controller arm that makes it simple to use and ultimately saves time. This facial tissue-making machine has a smart design and every unit is operated by a separate motor like a servo motor that reduces the failure rate. It is quite easy to operate and maintain, so it’s a win-win situation for sellers.


V fold tissue machine has a trimming blade structure, plus it also has a vacuum system for eliminating trimmed paper that is left after the entire procedure. The box pumping tissue machine comprises vacuum adsorption, stacking, and an automatic counting device. These features increase the pace and also find the accurate product quantity, therefore making it trustworthy and more productive as compared to the conventional machines available in the market.


The V fold laminating tissue manufacturing machine helps fold the tissue paper products to decrease their volume and make them easy to carry. Moreover, embossing helps create various beautiful patterns according to the requirements of clients. This tissue paper making machine is a perfect choice as it provides full automation, high production efficiency, and good handling quality. Setting up a paper products factory does not require a huge investment, all you need is a little investment to install V fold tissue machine. Just call us right away to get more information about our broad range of V fold tissue-making machine. 



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