600 Fully Automatic High Speed Toilet Roll/Kitchen Towel/JRT Production Line


1. Non-stop type machine, continuously rewind;
2. Each unit is driven by independent motor (Servo Motor); Simple structure decreases failure rate;
3. Servo motor controls machine hand and break the web at perforation line steadily and precisely;
4. Adopt high-precision NC machined large diameter blade shaft, and Siemens SIMOTION system, and automatic blades axial slid function, guarantee perforation is precise and clear, and the rolls have finest tightness and diameter;
5. Patented technology: use constant-vacuum system to start rewinding coreless roll, faster and less wrinkles;
6. Multipurpose production line: after connecting to DH-VIII log saw cutter and accumulator, it could process JRT products.

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What if you could take a typical toilet roll cutter and turn it into a very useful tool. A tool that will make trimming the toilet roll easier, faster, and much more convenient. A tool that you will find useful to quickly take out the old toilet roll and replace it with a new one.


Imagine if there was such a tool. Would you think it would become so popular? Well, I know that once I had my own toilet roll cutter I didn't wait long. I found my local home improvement center and purchased this very convenient tool. Once I got home I quickly put to use this tool.


There are many times that I know that I want to take out the toilet bowl but I don't want to climb over the counter. I also don't want to move the heavy toilet roll manually. This is where the toilet roll cutter comes in handy. You can quickly and easily take out the toilet roll and replace it with a new one.


The cutter itself looks like a simple tool. It is a straight metal bar with a blade on one end that you can drive into the toilet bowl. The great thing about a toilet roller cutter is that you can either do it manually or by turning a handle. This makes it very convenient to take out the toilet roll without having to deal with moving it.


These are very basic cutting tools. There are other features that make them useful. One feature is that you can lock the blades in place. This means that no one else will be able to cut the toilet roll. A very neat feature is the fact that there is a safety guard on the front of the cutter. This guard protects you from any possible injuries when using these tools.


If you own a toilet that requires toilet roll sharpening, then these toilet roll cutters may be what you need. They are very easy to use and allow you to easily and quickly take out the toilet roll without having to deal with potentially dangerous plunging. The best part about these toilet roll cutters is that they can sharpen your toilet roll quickly, which could save you money since you wouldn't have to purchase another tool for the rest of your toilet's life.


To find the right toilet roll cutter, you need to start by shopping around. Make sure that the tool you buy is portable and easy to carry. You also want to find a cutter that has a solid base that won't cause any damage to the toilet. Most of them fold up and can be easily carried in your purse.


Once you have found a toilet roll cutter that you are comfortable with, you should take some time to read through all of its features. You should take a look at how the tool works and what it can do. You also want to know what the maximum capacity is for this tool. Since toilets often have an unusual shape, you may need to buy a special tool for it. For example, if your toilet is round, you should purchase a cutter that has a unique design to cut it. Once you have decided on the product you want to purchase, you should make your purchase.






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