450X / 350X Fully Automatic High Speed Toilet Roll Kitchen Towel Production Line

Model: 450 / 350

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1. Non-stop type machine, continuously rewind;
2. Each unit is driven by independent motor (Servo Motor); Simple structure decreases failure rate;
3. Servo motor controls machine hand and break the web at perforation line steadily and precisely;
4. Adopt high-precision NC machined large diameter blade shaft, and Siemens SIMOTION system, and automatic blades axial slid function, guarantee perforation is precise and clear, and the rolls have finest tightness and diameter;
5. Patented Technology: Use constant-vacuum system to start rewinding coreless roll, faster and less wrinkles.

How does an industrial roll machine work?

The paper industry across the world is using industrialroll machine to roll the paper when it is done. Paper is being used in almost every industry somehow. Even if you are not directly using paper, you are using it in the form of packaging. The packaging is a major concern whatever you buy from the market because everything is supposed to be packed to protect its quality. For that, industrial roll machine is used where the packaging paper is being rolled up.

In our normal life, we always get tissue paperrolls for various uses. It is either toilet paper, kitchen tissue roll, pocket tissues, or napkin that get used in every household every now and then. When the pulp transforms into papers, it immediately needs to be rolled to avoid tangling. Therefore, the industrial roll machine is installed where the paper is produced. When back to back toilet or kitchen tissues are made from the pulp, the industrial roll machine rapidly roll it. Normally the industrial roll machines are bigger and manage more than 1 roll at a time, but it also depends upon the size of the machine itself.

Foshan Nanhai Dechangyu Paper MachineryManufacture Co., Ltd. is a company in China. The company Dechangyu is a professional household paper tissue converting machine and ancillary machinery manufacturer in China. They create machines that can handle the non-stop production of tissue rolls in the factories. Most of the functions in these machines are automatic and allows them to start and stop at a reasonable time.

With a number of large equipment, the company serves the need for many organizations by manufacturing machines in large and small sizes that are used to make toilet paper, tissue paper, kitchen towels, and napkins. The company has an extensive range for you to choose from and you can also give a customized order and thecompany would be delighted to make you the machine that goes well with your area size. The machines are reliable in terms of quality and all of their products are ISO certified so it is obvious that they take quality standards very seriously.

A simple small-sized industrial roll machine is also known as the rewinding machine. It will have a band saw paper cutting machine and water-cooled sealing machine along with it to work properly. But automatic machines are also available. If you choose an automatic three-meter rewinder, it will waste less byproduct and you will be able to produce tons of toilet paper in a single day.

The process of making the pulp and forming into a thin paper is a complicated one but rolling them with the help of industrial roll machines is easy. You won’t have to do too much. With the automatic procedure, there won’t be much need for labor which will ultimately save the need for human capital. With all of the advantages, it would be a wonderful addition to your paper manufacturing factory. So, book your orders today at Foshan Nanhai Dechangyu Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd within a reasonable price.


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